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Locally Grown with Love

Deer Run Farm is a Family Operated Small-Production Farm, just outside of Little Britain, ON. 

We pride ourselves in providing our local community with high-quality, pesticide-free produce, UNWASHED Potatoes and a selection of jams, jellies, pickles and preserves. In recent years we have expanded into Maple Syrup production, allowing us to showcase our 'sweeter side'. 

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Down Right Dirty

We pride ourselves in our minimalistic approach to produce production. We use rotational cropping, straw mulch our gardens and avoid pesticides and sprays at all costs. Our potatoes are DIRTY, never washed, as this helps protect them from bacteria and spoilage. They may sprout in warmer temperatures, but that's just them doing their potato thing!

Available to Order in 50, 20, 10 & 5 lb bags.


There's no such thing as too much garlic

2021 Garlic is HERE!

Our Fresh, Pesticide Free Garlic is now available for purchase.

Pickling and need more than just a couple heads?

BULK ORDERS of 1lb/$7.50 are a great solution

SEED GARLIC NOW AVAILABLE by the lb. *** Please email or call for larger order requests***

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Market OPENS Wednesdays and orders are accepted until the following FRIDAY @Noon.

PICK UPs from the farm will be SATURDAYS, between 9-12pm.

You can also call us to arrange a pick up time that works for you!

Online Market

CSA Shares

Our CSA is a pride and joy of our little farm, as members from the community get to enjoy the best of the best throughout the season. Follow Along each week to see what they get!


Feathers, Fleece & Flowers- Musings of a Farm Gal

When you run a mixed farming operation like we do, there is always SOMETHING going on. Add two hilarious offspring, a smash-up of livestock and the inevitable trials of everyday life, and there has to be a good story or two in there somewhere.  


" Deer Run potatoes are very versatile....Delicious potatoes you can do many recipes with!!"

My Family and I have been purchasing Yukon Golds and we LOVE them...Not only is their produce great, but the owners are so nice & helpful! Definitely will continue to buy from Deer Run Farm!