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About US

The Family Behind the Farm

A Bit of History

  The farm all started with a hope and a dream.  Mum and Dad(Pat and Henk) were tired of the town life and wanted to find a place to raise their growing family. In 1980 they made their purchase and set their roots down for good,  just south of Little Britain on 100 acres of prime farmland. Here they raised 4 dirt-lovin' girls and summers were spent cutting and baling hay, tending a big garden to feed a big family and just enjoying everything the farm had to offer.

   As chance would have it, they happened to share some of their potatoes with a neighbouring butcher, who was active in the local Lindsay Farmers’ Market. He LOVED them! With some of his kind encouragement, mum and dad decided to take the plunge and started growing potatoes on a larger scale than just the family garden. The rest, is history!

Looking to the Future

     David was by no means raised on a farm, but once you meet him it is clear the farm is where he belongs. Growing up in a small community between Oakwood and Little Britain, he was always outdoors and busy at something. In his teens he began working at the Woodville Sale Barn, from where he purchased his first flock of sheep and fell in love with the agricultural community.

      Emilee(the youngest of those 4 dirt-lovin' girls) was completing her last year of university before teacher's college, when David sauntered into her life. She was a barefooted, flower-growing farm girl who, as luck would have it, was a perfect match for David's outdoorsy adventurous spirit. She knew nothing about sheep... about as much as David knew about flowers, but both have always been up for a challenge!

    After getting married in 2011, the pair have worked with Mum and Dad to keep the potato and produce business going, all while expanding their own farming operation into sheep, cows and laying chickens. In the following years, they welcomed 2 extra farm hands, Georgia and Sawyer, who are currently living their best lives in tractor cabs, hay mows, sheep feeders and bare-toed in the greenhouse. Life isn't all farm-and-games though, as both David and Emilee work off the farm to help support the finances required to keep up the operation.

    In 2019, Emilee and David took over the potato production in probably one of the worst seasons we've ever seen. The spring was so wet, potatoes were planted nearly 2 months late, to then be hit by a brutally hot dry-spell... its honestly a wonder there was a crop at all! But, in all things, where there is a will there is a way!

      Farming is not always an easy life, but it is one we all love and wouldn't have any other way. As our newest generation shows interest in planting seeds, wanting to ride in tractors and train lambs for 4-H we have never before been so hopeful for the future. 

It is a busy life but we wouldn't have it any other way!