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CSA Shares

OUR 2022 Shares are NOW SOLD OUT!! 

Season runs for 17 weeks, from June 14- October 4th

What is a CSA?

Community supported agriculture (CSA), or a 'farm share', is the best way to get fresh, pesticide-free veggies from your local farm. As a CSA member, you get a weekly share of the harvest, a weekly newsletter with stories, recipes and tips from the farm, and the chance to really support your local farmer.

Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up for a season’s worth of veggies (17 weeks)

2. We grow an abundant variety of produce for you

3. You pick up, or we deliver, a share of fresh veggies each week for the entire season

Similar to a subscription program, CSA Shares are paid for in advance and enjoyed throughout the season.

Like Netflix, but tastier.

Here’s why it’s awesome:

1. You get the freshest harvest and first dibs on all the best veggies.

It’s like having your own personal farmer who grows with you in mind. No more waiting in line at the farmers market or settling for tired lettuce flown in from California.

2. You get more than food.

Deer Run FarmILY Members receive weekly newsletters, including recipes to help you plan your meals, and we love to give extra 'treats' along the way

3. You support your local farm and local economy

CSA allows us to build and financially support our operations right from the start of the season. It also helps us feel more connected to our supporters and like minded-food lovin' folks too!

FOR OUR 2022 Season

Starting June 14th, and running the following 17 weeks, Our CSA will share with its members the best of the best of our pesticide-free market gardens. 

~ This year we are glad to offer delivery to your doorstep(for a small fee) or you can pick up directly at the farm.

~ There is the option to purchase farm-fresh eggs to be added to your share each week, as well as 'TOP UPS' of some items otherwise not available or something you may want more of

~ Love our maple syrup? How about our pickles, jams and preserves? Our CSA members will have the first 'dibs' on new batches and products, before they even hit the Online Market