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Custom Made Holiday Wreaths

Custom Made Holiday Wreaths

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There's just something about Holidays on the Farm. From coming into a warm house after cold evening chores, to the twinkling lights in greenery cut from the bush ourselves, there are just so many things to cozy up to and bring the joy of the holidays home to your heart.
Our Custom Made Holiday Wreaths are hand-made by Emilee herself, with grape vines, greenery and dried flowers found around the farm. Add a cute burlap bow, and not only do you have a wreath to impress visitors, but something that will last the ages through.


1. SIZE: 9" ($15) or 18" diameter ($20)

2: DECORATIONS: Greenery(pine & cedar from the farm) ($5)

                           : Burlap Bow ($5)

                           : Dried Flowers/Grasses ($3 on 9", $5 on 18")

If you would like to add additional decorations or would like to add a custom-wooden family name to your wreath, please call Emilee directly (705.344.4174) or make a note on your order and we will contact you to discuss!